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Family Support Training and Counselors Association

FSTCA was established in Istanbul in 2022 with the dream of increasing healing, support, creativity, and life satisfaction in human life. To achieve the integrity of the soul, body, and mind FSTCA combines practices from different disciplines, with experts who are always dedicated to improving themselves. 


FSTCA is a civic movement that aims to contribute to building new human values, existential meanings, and new social bonds for today’s individuals who have been cut off from their essence and roots due to post-modern life models. 


With science-based practices and experiences inspired by nature, FSTCA provides services in accordance with the varying needs and wounds of the changing social life. Following a continuous observation and feedback approach, FSTCA accompanies the life journey for today’s people.


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Provides family counselors with different approaches, experiential fields, practices, and examples. It supports their field skills, practices, and techniques in order to increase the quality and reliability of their counseling skills. It aims to simplify their personal and professional difficulties while helping them to create solid therapeutic relationships and environments for deeper communication.

It aims to recognize, experience, and identify the feelings fully as well as to discover the source of the feelings and turn them into beneficial actions according to the relevant needs of the children and adolescents. It teaches how to hold space while raising the awareness of counselors about the subject.

It is a method development practice for teachers who work with children and adolescents. It educates teachers to communicate their observations and inferences with parents to form joint solutions for a more productive relational and effective partnership for family, children, educators, and their social environment.

We recreate ourselves in our own bodies. Whatever we want to change in our body is therefore also spiritual, emotional, and intellectual.

The body is the wisest and holiest where all these levels find room for expression. The body has a profound memory, it carries the knowledge of everything.

The brain should be renewed and refreshed, just like removing unnecessary files and applications on the computer. New patterns must be formed so that the brain can become an equal companion for the soul, body, and mind union. 


With this program of deep meditations, we aim to reprogram the brain and transform it into a companion on the way to become one and a whole human being.

The notion of “know thyself” has made itself felt or shown in different times and situations in our lives, either explicitly or implicitly. What is the self?

Is it a complex structure of what is experienced, learned, accepted, and desired? Is it our self that embraces its authentic existence, meets every moment with a fresh mind, and is aware and at the moment? Is it the right combination of these at the right time?

Awakening The Divine Feminine

Awakening the divine feminine is the first step for a deep inner journey for women. 

This divine feminine essence whose voice and echoes are sensed, needs to be seen. When it begins to be seen, it will open itself, bring change, and create its own alchemy.

Time Travel

Past, present, and future… Experiences, feelings, and dreams… Our lives are stories of time travel that we make ourselves believe and verify. However, this complicated concept finds a direction with the expression of our emotions and memories. 

Present and Aware

Our minds wander about the ifs of the past and the maybes of the future. We do not find it significant to realize the present moment, and what the present moment holds. Yet the only truth is at this moment!

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